Sunday, 24 February 2008

Ready For The Floor?

That gratuitous Hot Chip reference also serves to announce that we have ripped up our somewhat tired-looking carpets and had a fantastic baked oak wooden floor laid this week. The whole of the downstairs looks like a different house; Tom has done an awesome job, highly recommended! And, of course, I have taken my usual badly-focused, over-lit pictures:

Unfortunately, the beautiful new floor has since served to highlight the terrible state of our skirting, doors and woodwork. I sense a job coming on....


  1. that looks absolutely fantastic. oddly, I've gone right off the solid flooring in our house - I don't think the layout of the house lends itself to wood flooring throughout, it just looks patchy.

    plus, its not been done very well, also, its nowhere near as nice as the flooring you've chosen.

    oh well, something to change in the future, maybe when/if we extend the back of the house - we'll have to change it then, to make sure it all matches up.

  2. Once you start it's an endless round of improvements I find. We got new carpets last week and the new bathroom coming next. Then we'll finally be finished....except that bit we painted two years ago is starting to look battered again.*groan*