Sunday, 22 April 2007

Snap It Off

In response to offmessage (because he STILL hasn't got commenting on his blog sorted out...) who proclaimed thusly:
"I can't be the only person that's starting to get really pissed off with all these popups leaping up all over every page I visit, can I? At least give me the option to turn it off, please. It is the marquee tag of 2007. Snap must die."
may I humbly suggest this:

How can I turn Snap Shots on or off?

No, no, mate, you're welcome. Don't mention it. My pleasure :P

1 comment:

  1. I also wanted to comment on that post but for other reasons. I shall now comment here, it seems the only decent thing to do. While the snap popups are annoying the search engine is actually pretty neat. And also they did do this search too, VI Search which is obviously very cool.

    If you're thinking that you've seen this VI search before then you probably have... I sent it to Adrian who may have sent it to Doug who may have sent it to you.