Monday, 23 April 2007

Sk8ter Boilk

Just spotted on Wired that non-stop marketing machine Tony Hawk (no, not Tony Hawks) has teamed up with Six Flags and Gerstlauer to produce a pair of roller coasters (in Texas & Missouri respectively) designed to imitate the 360 spins and tricks of the man himself on a skateboard:

Yes, it spins randomly as it runs, according to the weight and distribution of the passengers. Hang on to your lunch, if you can...

From someone who was absolutely petrified going on the Crazy Mouse on the end of Brighton pier, I can safely say that I shall not be going anywhere near one. Yikes.


  1. Tony Hawks of whome you briefly mention keeps the letters of all of the people who write to him in the mistaken belief that he is Tony Hawk. And he also publishes then and his replies on his website.


  2. you big poof! the scarier, the better - thats what I say.