Saturday, 17 March 2007

Yeah We Love You RB

I have recently discovered the wonderful Blackwood 's Vintage Dry Gin, available (exclusively?) at Oddbins which describes it thus:
"Blackwood's flavour is fresh, with delicate citrus and herbal notes. Meadowsweet and Sea Pink add a floral undertone to the earthier elements of juniper and angelica root and bring a subtle sea-green colour to this exceptional gin."
And it really does taste fantastically like the sea (no, not in a fishy way, what do you think I am, mad?)

Anyway, whilst enjoying a small libation of the aforementioned botanical spirit (with a splash of Fever-Tree Tonic Water) I was reminded of that other famous Blackwood - Richard!

Far from only being famous for examining his poo on television, being a third-rate Will Smith and declaring himself bankrupt, he is also the cousin of Junior who had a hit with 'Mama Used To Say' in 1982. And here is the promo video which obviously then went on to inspire the 1988 fantasy horror film, Paperhouse [Are you sure? - Movie Ed.]. Enjoy...

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  1. I did originally think that this post was about Red Bull, but then that came on the very next day!

    Anyway, I thought Richard Blackwood was famous for being Naomi Campbell's half brother. He seems to mention it every time he's ever interviewed, especially mentioning (rather worryingly) that he's seen her naked countless times in a kind of wink wink say no more he's into incest kind of a way (although they aren't blood relatives I suppose).