Friday, 16 March 2007

Have A Nice Triptych

Fred Deakin (yes, him out of Lemon Jelly) has just released "The Triptych", a fantastic 3-CD album in which he ushers us on a musical meandering in a clapped-out campervan through the busy B-roads of his extremely extensive vinyl vaults. Eclectic? You bet. Ninety tracks of juxtapositional jump-cut and segway surprises await...

I got my copy from those extremely nice people at (pigeonhold-endorsed!) Disque who casually mentioned that there was a 'mystery' 4th CD containing tracks that they couldn't licence for the official release. So they sent me that as well! And then, they threw in some promos to make up for the extra cost of the postage! Two thumbs up for the mighty Disque please, people.

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