Thursday, 2 September 2010

Touch My Phone

Visiting from an iPhone*? Things should look a bit clearer now, thanks to Blogger Touch (a port of WP-Touch, apparently) which can 'automatically' create a mobile-friendly version of your blog.

The website logs you in, creates the code and walks you through adding it to your sidebar with a suitable link, couldn't be easier (although I decided to tweak that and copy the script into the HTML header, which means the redirect happens much quicker). Commenting works well (give or take the odd bug to do with updating the comment count) and frankly it's an absolute disgrace that Blogger hasn't done this itself by now.

Anyway, all this means that, after sorting the kerfuffle with moving a self-hosted Blogger site away from FTP publishing, I now don't have to up sticks to Wordpress just to make it work better on the iPhone.


* other mobile devices are available :)

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