Tuesday, 9 March 2010

What To Watch?

I need your help.

My wife is going away for a while with the kids shortly (don't worry, they're coming back!) and I shall have around two weeks on my own in the house. Now one thing I am very bad at, apart from putting my socks in the laundry basket, is watching films. So this is a perfect opportunity to catch up - but of the hundreds of possibilities out there, where to start?

In my forthcoming 'man-time', allowing for football matches & beer consumption as well as still actually having to go to work, I reckon a target of half a dozen good films is not unreasonable. They're probably going to be ones that Solveig won't be bothered about and I'll save any animated films to watch with the kids but other than that I have free rein. I think I'd like to see 'Inglourious Basterds' and I'm fairly sure I don't want to bother with 'The Road' but after that I'm open to suggestions.

What would you watch on your own in the house? Suggest away!


  1. I'd recommend Inglorious Bastards, Mesrine, Gomorrah, Star Trek and after I get round to watching it, possibly District 9.

  2. Mesrine, yes - good call, thanks.

    And probably Star Trek too.

  3. District 9
    The Hurt Locker
    Where The Wild Things Are
    Gran Torino
    The Dark Knight

    Agreed with Inglourious & The Trek

    Sounds like a fun time

  4. A Prophet - french godfather

  5. you definitely want to see 'inglourious basterds' and you should watch 'hurt locker', it's outstanding. 'star trek' is an engaging bit of fluff, worth a watch.
    'district 9' is good but ultimately disappointing, i thought.

    how about we play some poker while the wife is away?

  6. Cheers everyone - A Prophet looks good too, and maybe Watchmen.

    nick - poker for sure, I'll speak to Paul :)

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  8. I assume you've got the Miley Cyrus DVDs already, but may I also recommend some TV shows? I got Nick hooked on Freaks & Geeks and 30 Rock, two of America's best.

    I second everyone else who's mentioned Inglourious Basterds and Star Trek.

  9. Star Trek and Mesrine, The Hurt Locker is alright but it's a bit long like, the original star wars trilogy, and that movie where Charlie Sheen turns into a car of off the 80's. and then porn all the way.

  10. anything by the Cohens, anything by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. All poncy, but all good!

  11. What would I watch? On my own? In my house? I really can't say, this is a public forum.

    (Sherlock Holmes, Fish Tank)

  12. Wow, thanks for all these. Does sound like Mesrine and Star Trek should make the list, along with the Basterds.

    Anyone else?

  13. Inglorious Bastards absolute MUST even I have watched......I am crap at films tho.....have pile of at least 12 waiting, including Startreck, Up and An Education, all of which i will LOVE, waiting, but not yet seen.....just enjoy whatever you do get round to...

  14. Recent ones: I'd echo District 9, Hurt Locker and Gran Torino. Moon was also great as was Let the Right One In. Enjoyed The Damned United too.

    If you're not bothered about them being recent, there's 26 classics here - one for each letter of the alphabet!


  15. @Pochyemu: Well, you and I are both still waiting for the Kate Moss biopic, aren't we ;)

    I might give Fish Tank a go, mind.

  16. Cheers Jamie, although I'm not sure I'll be watching Let The Right One In on my own in the house...

  17. oooh yes, Damned United - good call, well worth a watch.

  18. Escape to Victory, The Italian Job (1969), Get Carter, Vanilla Sky, Jean de Floret and Manon de Source.

  19. Thanks, er, Anonymous.

    Or can I call you Anon?

    Anyway, so far I've managed one film, which was District 9 and was bloody brilliant.