Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Coining It In

I have a new project.

I am trying to collect a full set* of the new-style UK coins which I think Freyja would really like.

She's very into her numbers, loves completing jigsaws and is also (judging by the disappearing loose change on my bedside table and the colossal weight of her piggy bank) rather fond of money:

So far, the 20p, 10p, 2p and 1p were easy to find but there don't seem to have been as many sightings of the 50p and 5p and the £1 is positively elusive - all donations gratefully received :)

UPDATE 1: I now have the £1 coin - thanks, Solveig!
UPDATE 2: I now have the 50p - thanks, Alex!
UPDATE 3: I now have the 5p - thanks, Christine!

So that's the set collected, via the power of the internet. Photo of them in situ to follow...

* yes, I know you can buy a set from the Royal Mint, but that's no fun now, is it?


  1. Doug had the 50p on Sunday. Doubt he still has it though.

  2. solveig: Hang onto it!

    Rowan: I shall tweet him immediately!

  3. That's great! Can't wait to see more of your collections.=D

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