Friday, 24 October 2008

Make It So(ny)

It. Is. Done.

A life-changing event has befallen us. Our inner sanctum will never be the same again. Let us breathe deeply, cast out thoughts of ancient times and reach out -- onwards, upwards to a new beginning. This is Day One, Ground Zero, Point Break, Face Off, Layer Cake, Don't Tell Mom The Babysitters Dead [stop now - Movie Ed.]. It's the launchpad to a better world. To infinity ... and beyond.

Yes, I've got a new phone.

But are you sitting down?

Because it's not a Nokia.

*pause for collective gasp of gathered crowd, smelling salts to be liberally applied, children removed to a safe haven and learnéd philosophers to be consulted as to whether the Earth is still on its axis*

Currently nestled in my slightly-clammy palm is a shiny new SonyEricsson C902. It's lovely. Sleek, understated graphite design. Crisp, clear screen & responsive keypad. Quad-band, 3G HSDPA and Bluetooth. MP3/AAC/FM radio and really impressive sound quality. Clever touchscreen 'hotspot' features for the camera options. Oh, did I mention the camera? 5.0 megapixel -- with a flash. A flash I tell you! On a phone!

But the best bit, the thing that makes me grin like a moron, is how you activate the lens cover. You slide the end of the phone out - like Bond' Minolta spy camera in OHMSS! Look, here in this somewhat OTT promo video:

Yes, yes, I'm sure there'll be a new one out in about, oooh, fifteen minutes that makes mine appear like this, but for the moment I simply don't care. Loyal readers (and anyone unlucky enough to get caught at the bar with me) will know that I have roundly derided Sony for its ongoing proprietary attitude to file formats, memory sticks and the like but I'll forgive them (for a bit, natch) on the back of this shiny little bit of gadgety goodness.

Sorry, Nokia, but just so you know where I am -- I'm out. It's been fun. But my head has been turned by the dark side, mwahahahahaha.

Right, who shall I call?


  1. oooh - shiny!

    Like you I was a Nokia only man until I realised that my most important use case for a phone after being able to make calls was a camera... Welcome then a long line of Sony Ericsson CyberShot phones - I'm on my third now and will never look back*

    *at least until the iPhone gets a decent camera

  2. Yes, I also listen to tracks on the way to work and the sound quality is way better on the C902 than anything I've had before. I did consider the Nokia N96 but it's just such a lump.

    iPhone of course, but that seems like a commitment too far at the moment!

  3. you know how utterly underwhelming I find mobile phones :) In fact, my current model (which is older than Jacob), looks like its about to give up the ghost, so I'm looking to buy a new one.

    Nokia used to sell a plain vanilla one that only had phone/text, but they don't seem to do that any more. Which is a shame, as that's all I want from my phone :(

  4. I will happily sell you my old Nokia 6300 :)