Friday, 3 October 2008

Joke In 'Ere

You couldn't make it up. I do have a small soft spot for Newcastle; whilst at University there, I spent some very happy afternoons in The Strawberry public house, (sadly no longer) right in the shadow of St James's Park. But this is madness:

Well done Joe, way to go mate. Keep the press on your side and you may have had a slim chance. But you've utterly screwed it. If there's anyone that bears a grudge more than policemen and judges, it's journalists.

The Black & White circus continues...


  1. Whilst I don't care one way or tother about Newcastle or Joe Kinnear, I thought this was really funny. I particularly like the opening salvo:-

    JK Which one is Simon Bird [Daily Mirror's north-east football writer]?

    SB Me.

    JK You're a cunt.

    That is just straight out of David Mamet (or maybe Guy Ritchie....).

    It won't do his cause any good, but I do have respect for anyone who tells the press where to get off. On Blueflag, we usually refer to them as CP or Cunting Press, so he's bang on the nail if you ask me.

  2. Also a Newcastle graduate who remembers the Strawberry, but preferred to bar-prop in Inventions on the basis that it was rather closer.

    That interview was, indeed, totally superb...!

  3. Oh blimey, 'Inventions'.

    *has mildly disturbing flashback*