Sunday, 3 August 2008

En Vacances

Currently, here at Lascombe (just outside Cahors in southern France) the temperature is a blistering 34C (93F in old money) and the sky looks like an Yves Klein canvas:

Now some of you will be thinking, "Yeah, right, he's just put a bit of Yves Klein canvas up, the cheating monkey" so here is the same shot with a bit of foliage in it, innit:

It's bloody hot :)


  1. Bon courage. I dropped over earlier to see where you're staying en France and intended to leave a nasty message if there wasn't a photo of blue sky...Whadya know here it is.
    Bon Vacance

  2. Why, thank you for your kind thoughts!

    You know, for once I post something other than lambasting that drooling idiot Bono for being a bog-trotting bug-eyed yawper or berating the England cricket selectors for picking Great Aunt Maude's little boy to take the new ball against South Africa and look! A proper commenter and everything...

    Perhaps there is a lesson to be learned. Buggered if I know what it might be though. Phasers back to cynical, Mr Sulu.