Saturday, 23 August 2008

Are We Charlton In Disguise?

This is what an Arsenal shirt should look like:

This is what our current home shirt looks like:

And this is what a Charlton shirt looks like:

And this is today's result:

Draw your own conclusions, I'm too furious.


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  2. Hi Fourstar,

    Just popped across to look at your blog briefly (as I do with anyone who comments on my blog).

    Not sure that I totally understand the T shirt thing -- have Arsenal been made to change their strip because it looked too much like Charlton's ...?

    Unfortunately as a committed south Londoner I find this slightly amusing (even if I know nothing about football).

    When I moved to London I lived in New Cross, near to the (old) Den .... then a few years later I ended up living in Charlton, very close to The Valley .... and 2 years ago I rented a flat in the Thornton Heath / Selsdon area very close to Crystal Palace's ground.

    So I have (accidentally) made a habit of living fairly close to the south London clubs!

    Soz for not being on the Arsenal side of the argument.

    Sharon from South London

  3. Do you know, if we had been asked to change our kit because it looked too much like Charlton's, I'd be quite pleased? But no. We have changed our kit, which for at least 75 years* has been RED WITH WHITE SLEEVES to red with a sort of half-baked attempt at a kind-of white-ish undersleeve area in a good light from the North Bank when the sun is glinting off the roof of the tube station. It's crap and it looks like Charlton (who are crap). And it's because Nike want to sell more replica shirts so they change it every other season and I absolutely, fundamentally hate, hate, HATE that about the current state of football.

    Weirdly, they have launched a new away kit which is brilliant and has a yellow body with blue sleeves and is a clear homage to the 1989 shirt (we won the league on the last game of the season at Anfield in that year). How they can get one so right and the other so pathetically wrong, I have no idea - oh yeah, hang on, marketing people, that's how...

    As for location (location, location) I too am a committed South Londoner, despite my footie leanings which were ingrained from an early age by various family members. In fact, until just over a year ago, I was in SE23 - not a million miles from you I understand, but now lurk in one of the leafier bits of SE6.

    * apart from an utter aberration in 1965/6 and the commemorative (cash-in) redcurrant of 2005/6, obviously...

  4. Thanks for the explanation, Fourstar. I see the good old marketing / flog as many new shirts every season as we can thing.

    Yes, I was in SE23 until about 10 days ago and am now in sunny BR3 and have to suffer the indignation of "Kent" being on the end of my address, even though I am only *just* on the border of Kent, still Travelcard Zone 4 and still part of greater London.

  5. There has to be a chant in there somewhere... (to the tune of transformers)

    Arsenal... Charlton in disguise.

    Or some such.