Sunday, 13 April 2008

They Think It's All Over...

...actually it is now:

A game that sums up our season; rampant for the first third, failing time and time again to take our chances in the second and then losing all semblance of organisation whilst continuing to play the most pure, stunning, visionary, one-t0uch and yet utterly ineffectual football in the third, er, third.

Oh well :(

One particular personal highlight was having my text read out on 606 following the match, of which I am quite proud and stand by every word:
Have we all forgotten that Wenger said this team was "not ready", way back in August? If they finish third, they will have outperformed both expectations and last season. It is maturity that we need, and that will come. No need to panic buy; just build up the squad around the proven talent which is already there.
All true. If you read some of the Gooner blogs, you'd think we'd just been relegated from the Ryman's Premier. Have faith chaps, this is the third young team AW has put together. Rome (or should that be Milan?) wasn't built in a day*...

* unless, depending on how long the rouble cheque took to clear, you're Chelsea**

** and if I am now found with a rolling pin embedded in my skull, look here...

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