Monday, 31 December 2007


In an idle moment, I was thinking about social networking sites and how the natural progression might be from all-encompassing global phenomena to tightly controlled specifically targeted medium. As such, here are a few ideas:

fakebook: For forgers.
fadebook: For sound engineers.
facebuck: For deer (or 80s sci-fi) lovers.
facebucket: For window cleaners.
facebok: For South Africans.
facehook: For pirates.
bakebook: For breadmakers.
vasebook: For people who insist on using American pronunciation (i.e. Americans)
allyourbasebook: For lovers of old internet memes.
fastbuck: For people who have sold their social networking sites to massive faceless global conglomerates and gone to live in the Bahamas.

Anyone care to chip in?

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