Sunday, 23 December 2007

Bad Apple?

Looks like Apple has decided that the season of goodwill is the perfect time to go on the offensive against commentators and bloggers who deign to publish leaks/reviews/criticism of its products.

And now, in an astonishing move (and in my clearly worthless opinion, a proper PR shoot-yourself-in-the-foot-disaster) they have suggested to the daddy of the genre, Fake Steve Jobs, that he cease and desist in return for a 'settlement' / update#1: as long as he shuts up about it / update#2: or worse / update#3: lawyer time

Anyone else think the most media-savvy company in the world just started to make itself look ridiculous? But hey - what do I know. Hang on, there's someone knocking at the d...

(And of course it's all a subtle Yuletide gag from the very amusing Daniel Lyons and his Forbes crew...or maybe not...but perhaps it is...or not...could be...looks like it isn't...or is...*applause*)

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