Thursday, 12 July 2007

One For The Rails?

The ever-reliable Going Underground comes up trumps again with this Tube map 'mashup' on LastRounds.

LastRounds Tube Map

It tells you the times of the first/last Underground service from each station, as well as the staggering distance from the local hostelries. So you can order that final pint of Stocks Old Horizontal, safe in the knowledge that you can still catch the last tube home. Genius (and minicab drivers are going to hate it :)


  1. That's really good. Rather randomly I clicked on stockwell and the picture of Stockwell on the site was by my good friend Steve Mannion - Yes "Mannion". It's a small world, Steve lives in North London as well and doesn't come south anymore so it's all very strange...

    Steve's picture of Stockwell

    My video of Mannion

  2. How exciting. I wonder if we can get Antonia's rubbish-and-dog-turd-strewn pic of Clapham North on there too :)