Monday, 30 July 2007

Feed Me

Right, listen up you lot.

For those of you getting busy with the RSS reader-type things, I am intending to move the feed for this site to:

Please forcibly redirect your 2.0 sprocket here via the overhead cam flange and hopefully the 'excitement' will continue unabated. If not, drop me a line/comment and I'll hit it with a spanner. And at some as yet indeterminate point the old Atom.xml thing will cease to be. Message ends. Over and out. Chocks away.


  1. done!

    why the change? I've ended up with two separate feeds myself (I was having trouble with feedburner and was trying another). Not sure what to do about it

  2. Ah, I was interested in the feed stats - what trouble did you end up with feedburner?

    And on another note, do you use a comments tracking system at all, so you can see when people have posted in a comments thread? I'm using co.mments which is great - you have to tell it you want to track the "conversation" but you can then get a feed in your reader of all the ones you are watching.

    What I'd really like is one that knew when I had commented and automagically subscribed me. Hmmmm....