Sunday, 13 May 2007

Fourth Again

I was hopeful, but it was not to be. Arsenal couldn't quite do enough to nick third place from the (Red) Scousers, who were even helpfully losing 2-1 at home to Charlton until a last minute penalty. A (dire, by all accounts) 0-0 draw at Portsmouth means that for the second year in a row we finish in fourth and will have to play [insert random Eastern European side here] to get into the group stage of the Champions League proper. Oh well.

My predictions for the summer are pretty much as they were before with the most handsome man in the world MacGyver Franck Ribery coming in (fingers crossed) and I hear we've just bought a Polish keeper with New Rave hair. We need Henry and van Persie back to full fitness, Baptista can go back to Madrid (and if Reyes won't come to London we can pack him straight back off to Sevilla for £12m or swap him for their up-and-coming winger whose name eludes me at the moment - oh yes, Puerta) and although some of the blogs have been urging Arsene to ditch Hleb, I reckon Freddie will move on and we'll need him and those other midfield options on the bench. If we can keep Clichy and EbouĂ© fit, Gallas can partner TourĂ© in the middle. Sorted.

Right, then, cricket...

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