Wednesday, 13 December 2006

Third Test

Having collapsed shockingly to defeat on the final day in the Second Test at Adelaide, England need to get out there in Perth tonight and bowl Australia out. Twice. A win would put retaining the Ashes back into the realms of reality (just); a draw would make it difficult but still not impossible.

But defeat in Perth would mean the Ashes were relinquished (3-0 with 2 to play) a mere 26 days after setting out to retain them. And that would be worse than awful. Anyway, I shall be donning one of these for tonight's proceedings (play starts at 0230 GMT). I suggest you do likewise:


  1. give it up, mate, we're going to lose.

    face the facts, it'll be much easier in the long run....

  2. is this when I say "I told you so?"

    Strauss out for a duck *again*....

  3. When you say "out", obviously that is in the cheating useless Saffer umpire context. Strauss has had THREE crap decisions which, if we were being totally unrealistic, have handed Australia the Ashes.

    But really, it' s all that effing idiot Fletchers fault :)