Thursday, 21 December 2006

funny old game

Liverpool FC v Arsenal FC (Carling Cup, December 19)
3 deg C, postponed due to fog

SwimmingPool v Adrian (Larking About Cup, December 19)
26 deg C, mine's a G'n'T

Sorry. In a desperate last-ditch attempt to try to reduce the smug factor, I should point out that it has been the wettest December here for at least ten years. Flash floods and everything. Still, the weather has since reverted to type and it looks like we shall be having our traditional (er, BBQ-smoked...) turkey Christmas dinner under a sun dappled gazebo in the back garden.

So, if I don't get to post again, may I take this opportunity to wish all/both my readers a very Merry Christmas for 2006. Have a really good one. And let's make 2007 the Year Of The Comment*

* I'm sure there's some gag in there about Halley and waiting 76 years for things but I'm off duty now :)

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