Thursday, 21 January 2010


...would be to overdo last night's result, but a picture paints a thousand words:

However, as Rowan, a Chelsea fan for whom I have the utmost respect, said (on Twitter):
Get back to me in May and we'll talk
Nuff said.


  1. I have to admit, I said earlier in the season I thought you were in with a v good shout to win the title this year. I'm now hoping that it'll be rather like you making us main contender for last season's title (admittedly made before BFS sent it all tits up) and be completely WRONG :)

  2. Only on alaphabetical in hand...and the arse ave got to come to the Bridge.
    Remember 3-0 at the effeminates!

  3. "Only on alaphabetical order"

    Er, no, on goals scored, 59 to 52. But yes, you have a game in hand. Better win it, hadn't you :)

  4. Yup..i stand corrected. A draw would do though!

  5. game in hand, what the fark are you two on about? Its January, FFS, you're seriously trying to say that neither team will not drop points between now and the end of May?? Bollocks to that, there are plenty of potential upsets between now and then, and in this season especially, nothing, I repeat NOTHING, should be taken as a given.

    I really should be on MOTD, I'm ace.