Saturday, 28 November 2009

I Came, I Saw, IKEA

Some things in life leave you flabbergasted. Spurs sticking nine past Wigan, the continued popularity of I'm A Celebrity, the existence of a massive Waitrose in Bromley, that kind of thing. However, today my flabber has been gasted in the very best of ways, at that bastion of Saturday-morning male despair known as...


We went (early) to look at some options for a wardrobe; as I'm sure you are aware, at IKEA these are legion. However, they had the one we liked, on display, with the doors we wanted, in a colour we didn't know existed but preferred, with the shelf/drawer/hanging options we wanted, in stock and for no apparent reason, at a discounted price.

When we spoke to the assistant (who had magically appeared as we started writing things on our tiny piece of paper with our tiny pencil) he shook his head with a wry smile, beckoned us over to a computer and helpfully printed the whole picking list out for us, with the correct internal codes for the warehouse guys. The warehouse guys were all at their post, waiting to take orders; they took ours, and went to get the doors and heavy stuff. Within 3 minutes they were back, with it all on a trolley and we were paying. We went to Home Delivery (these are 2.5m glass doors, no way I'm getting them in the Scenic...) who helpfully said we could have it all delivered*. Tomorrow. Sunday. SUNDAY! We left it with them before they could change their minds and drove home, speechless.

I am flabbergasted :)

* Obviously, my innate sense of Britishness is still nagging away, telling me that they'll actually turn up on Tuesday afternoon when no-one is home with a 7ft pot plant, three stuffed crocodiles and a gross of energy-efficient lightbulbs, but for now, big up IKEA.


  1. if it'll make you feel happier, I've had two similarly wonderful experiences of the Ikea Delivery service; the first time they delivered it a day early to a house that didn't belong to us yet, and the second time they delivered the wardrobes but none of the fixings for the inside, meaning we couldn't put any clothes into them for a fortnight while they sorted out redelivery. That said, I'm sure your delivery goes swimmingly ;))

  2. Heh, that's my default setting too. I shall keep you posted. Still stunned.

  3. So they called at 8am to say we were on the morning delivery, and it's just turned up. All of it. Undamaged.

    And the driver kindly helped me up the stairs with the 8ft glass doors.

    Flabber = gasted.

  4. \o/ for Ikea, in that case :)

    I'm not in a zen moment regarding delivery - waited in all day on Wednesday for Doug's new dj to turn up only to discover at 7.30pm that it had been sent to Southampton by mistake :(

  5. Doug has his own dj? Wow, Isotoma must be doing better than I thought. I have to use iTunes.


  6. *shouts "0-3" at fourstar's fleeing back*

  7. Was it? I was putting wardrobes together :)

    Figures though, you're way more consistent than us this season. Can't see anyone catching you now. Our best bet is one or more of the cups...

  8. oh I don't know, I have you pegged as a likely contender this season and we can be a bit suspect at times. Once you have RVP back, and perhaps get someone who'll have a shot on goal when they're in the box instead of looking for a lovely pass. And a little bit of work on your defence.

  9. RvP out for 4-5 months, that's the rest of the season. You're right about the shooting though. Bah.

    No, you look like a machine on a mission and nothing will stand in the way of it (except Wigan).