Thursday, 20 August 2009

Start The Card

Fascinating article about Ricky Jay, the most gifted sleight-of-hand artist alive, probably.

Watch 13 examples here: Master Magician

When we were out in Dubai last Christmas, some friends organised a party at which there was a brilliant close-up magician, an young English guy who had moved out there to do just that for a living. As there were a fair few of us, he split everyone into two groups, one inside the house and one in the garden. He then moved swiftly between the two, barely repeating a trick (unless pressed!) and keeping both groups entertained and baffled for over an hour with cards, rope, rings and other props he found lying about. Thoroughly enjoyable; I still have the folded-up Jack of Clubs, with Solveig's name on it in marker pen, which he produced from his top pocket when it was supposed to be tightly clenched in her hand. Awesome. :)

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  1. One of my cousin's husband's. Um... That came out wrong. I I have several cousins... One of them is married to a guy who is a close up magician. He's called Dominick Zwolinski and he's excellent.