Tuesday, 28 July 2009

What I Done On My Holidays #4

After being informed that blogging about your holiday was insensitive to those affected by the worst recession for 50 years, I spent today taking pictures of the sky. As literally both my avid followers will know, last year I posted about of the bluest sky I had ever seen, directly overhead whilst I was in the swimming pool at Lascombe:

This afternoon, 359 days later, it was almost identical:

I say almost because today was one degree hotter at 35C; I wonder what Klein would have said about that? My best guess is:
"Merde, il fait chaud."


  1. they are *so* not identical. the second one is quite obviously more yellow in hue than the first one which has a pinker tinge to it.

    shall I send you some pictures of the sky in the balearics in August then? a steady 30 degrees C down by the beautiful mediterranean sea with not even a hint of a forest fire....

  2. That would be delightful. I may even start a Flickr group about it.

  3. I'd send you one from N Yorks atm, but the blue has a rather grey tinge about it today.....