Wednesday, 13 May 2009


I just found a load of photos on my phone I had completely forgotten about. So, in no particular order (click to enlarge, if you fancy):

Lady Penelope on the school run at St Dunstans College

Four quid for a box of twigs? That's Dulwich for you

Big owl problem in Kensington, is there?

Most men still couldn't hit the target...

Enough said!


  1. In 'Merica, we call groynes just "groins"

  2. how could you resist fire from Mount Orpheus?

  3. I once paid FIVE quid for a box of twigs.

    We were making the weasel on a motorbike, just putting in finishing touches: wanting to add some fallen branches to the scene, I went to Hamleys' model-railway department and bought a box of "Dead Fall" twigs exactly the same as the garden refuse-sackful of twigs that drops on our back garden every year from next door's tree.

    I was halfway through pregnancy, and I pinned the twigs to the noticeboard to remind me not to listen to my brain for the next few months. Or years. Twat.