Sunday, 28 September 2008

Tiger Tiger

It must be dreadfully boring to support a team that wins all the time

Wednesday : The Joy Of Six (Arsenal 6 - 0 Sheff Utd)

Saturday : Straight To Hull (Arsenal 1 - 2 Hull City)

Hopefully we're getting this out of our system early in the season, but it's still infuriating to say the least. Where was the passion, the drive, the energy shown by our 19-year olds in midweek? Ah yes, they are all still striving to make a name for themselves, presumably paid a reasonable (but not ridiculous) salary whilst hoping to emulate their seniors and play at the highest level. Our first team looked bereft of ideas, possibly assuming Hull were just there to have a nice day out and try the famous balti pies. Well wake up, Gunners, it's no good battling to draws and even victories against the other members of the so-called Top Four, if we throw away any advantage by stumbling to defeat against the likes of Fulham and Hull.

Personally, I think Chelsea are nailed on for the title this year, given the money they have spent and the players they have brought in (imagine Deco alongside Fabregas in our midfield!) but whilst I agree 100% with Wenger's stubborn refusal to get into the big boys money pissing competition and instead try to organically grow the team from seed wherever possible, it still has to generate points on the board at some stage. Buying trophies is no fun, but winning them still is. Come on you Reds, sort it out...

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