Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Watch The Birdy

This is awesome (thanks, musiclikedirt). French outfit Birdy Nam Nam* were DMC World Team Battle Champions and last year released their self-titled debut album as well as a live CD, 'Stephane'. Anyway, not content with just your clever-fancy-tricksy scratching, they use the decks like an instrument. I'm really impressed:

* apparently their name was taken from that great Peter Sellers film, 'The Party'. So now you know...


  1. excellent! not my kind of music usually, but I really like it and they are now on my list!

    where are you moving to?

  2. We're just moving to the other side of Blythe Hill Fields; the SE23/SE6 borders, if you like :)

    From here to here, in fact. Can't wait.